Salym Petroleum is now a successful company. And this means responsibility. When you reach a high level, you must continuously confirm it, just like in sports competitions: continuously improve, pursue new ambitious goals and new pinnacles! Circumstances around us keep changing, the world always offers us new challenges – economic restrictions, exhaustion of previously explored reserves, the pandemic. This is a tough time.

We have a goal of finding new steps to climb. And this is a challenge, complicated and interesting at the same time. We have a secret, a cheat code. What is it?

Read about it in our book!
This is not a regular book; this is a living, breathing material. Our ideas, projects, implementation case studies, errors and successes. Such a book is impossible to complete because we get new information for it daily. We never stop working in all areas that we are going to describe below.
Salym Petroleum has gone a long way since the time of its establishment and is still future-oriented.

Each of our achievements is based on the huge production and management experience of our shareholders – Shell and Gazprom Neft. Today, however, Salym Petroleum can confidently share its own achievements, too, which are recognized by our shareholders and have become a benchmark for them; we demonstrate a great example of efficiency in well, reservoir and facility management, we implement digital tools, work on enhanced oil recovery methods, find new oil and continue moving forward. And most importantly, we do it safely. We care about people and create conditions where they not only ensure smooth field operation but also continuously improve their mastery and develop themselves.
Our success does not come out of nowhere.

We have been learning – from the experience of other oil companies, from senior colleagues and our shareholders. We have travelled across half the country and been to different oil fields and equipment manufacturing plants. We have been learning new well construction methods and technologies. It's like we have created our own neural network, a database, cultural experience and knowledge implemented in ourselves. The key product is ourselves. Our competitive advantage is analysis and planning.

This book is the quintessence of our experience and successfully implemented projects and knowledge; it is also our investment in ourselves and communities around us.
Since the start of operations in 2003, we have implemented hundreds of projects across different disciplines, which include supporting indigenous population, regional healthcare and education, environmental and cultural programs. We are continuously focused on production safety and employee development and wellbeing. Advanced technologies make us who we are. We are fit for the future.
The most important thing in this book is people – just like you and me. People who daily face complex tasks, challenges, victories and disappointments as they pursue their goals. Start this journey. Turn the page.
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